Wolf III Fieldcraft for ESEE 6

Price: € 145.00

Wolf III Fieldcraft sheath for ESEE 6 :

This new Wolf sheath model for ESEE 6 has integrated the Wolf Low Carry sheath Adapter
to allow carry the sheath in situations which require a low carry system, as for instance with a backpack or a padded belt.
This Wolf adapter is simple to attach/detach through the back side of the sheath (as it is compatible with almost all Wolf Wind sheaths).


- Removable pouch with two slots to fit a DC4 whetstone and a Live Fire
(emergency fire starter tin)

- Removable firesteel loop (ambidextrous)

- Wolf Low Carry sheath Adapter - fits up to 7 cm (2.75'') belt width

- Double stitching with double passage of waxed linen thread for maximum strength

- Vertical belt carry - secured with Scovill snap fasteners. These snaps are US Military grade, very solid and only can be unfastened when lifting on the bottom of the belt loop

- Ambidextrous

- Wolf Wind retention strap system which allows to move easily with your finger the strap from
one side to another to avoid damage it by the blade cutting edge. Also, the leather retention strap can be replaced, if needed.

- High quality vegetable tanned leather (8-12 oz)
- Modular leather sheath
- Reinforced stress points
- Handcrafted and hand stitched with waxed linen thread
- Nylon webbing TYPE 13 class 1a
- ITW Nexus nylon D-ring
- Black oxide treated steel screws
- Heavy duty USMC snap fasteners
- US Military 550 Paracord - INCLUDED
- Fiebing´s professional oil dyes
- Water and mildew repellent finish

- All the Hardware is MADE IN USA and EUROPEAN UNION
- ESEE 6 knife, Fällkniven DC4 whetstone , Live Fire emergency tin and firesteel not included

The Wolf III Fieldcraft sheath for ESEE 6 can be ordered as plain sheath. For a quote,
send an email.


- Firesteel loop: 9,5 mm (3/8''). Other sizes available by customer request

- Sheath color: Dark Brown or USMC Black ?

- Stitching color: Natural, Black or Dark Brown ?

Wolf III Fieldcraft for ESEE 6 since February 2018


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