Wolf Utility Sling

Price: € 60.00

Wolf Utility Sling - designed to carry your gear or any Wolf Sheath / equipment.
This accessory is an ultralight sling, easy to roll and keep it in your pocket, it´s made with reinforced leather and stainless steel screws on the stress points plus two C.L.A.S.H hooks which allow you to quick release your gear from the sling.
Also, The Wolf Utility Sling is quickly adjustable for length and carry options through the AustriAlpin Cobraframe


- Polyamid webbing
- Two ITW Nexus C.L.A.S.H hooks
- Austrialpin Cobraframe
- ITW Nexus Triglide


- High quality vegetable tanned leather (8-12 oz)
- Handcrafted and hand stitched with waxed linen thread
- Reinforced stress points
- Black oxide treated steel screws
- Fiebing´s professional oil dyes
- Water and mildew repellent finish

How to measure your Sling:
Using a piece of twine or rope, start from the middle of your chest and run it over your shoulder and across your back and back to the middle of your chest. Than measure the length. This is the LOOP size for your sling.

Note: All the components are MADE IN USA and EUROPEAN UNION

Weight: 160 gr

Sling color options:

- Black
- Kryptek Highlander
- Kryptek Mandrake
- Kryptek Typhon

Stitching color options:

- Natural, Black or Dark Brown?

Leather color options:

- Dark Brown or USMC Black ?


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